Saturday, February 23, 2013

I've died and gone to furniture warehouse heaven

The selection on craigslist in and around my area is usually pretty disappointing, but I peruse it often anyway just to see if anything good pops up.  I've found a few great pieces, specifically this great mid-century dresser for my brother. 

I stumbled across a few listings from City Limits Bargain Shop in North Augusta that caught my eye.  My dad and I were going to be running errands in Augusta anyway so I thought it'd be worth a quick stop.

This sign greeted us when we pulled up.  We thought, well this will be interesting...  (FYI, apparently 'butt dust' is a dry meat rub for barbeque.)

The store was not very big inside and there was only a small selection of furniture.  Then the saleswoman said her husband could take us to the warehouse if we wanted to look at the rest.  I was game, so we trekked out back and I could not have been more pleasantly surprised.

Needless to say, I was in heaven!  It was awesome.  And for the most part the prices were very reasonable.  They especially had a large selection of dining chairs.  Sadly I didn't find a set that would work for me this time but this place is certainly going to stay on my radar.  I did, however, find some great casual/side chairs for myself and my brother.

A couple of weeks ago I'd stopped in to look at Bargain Hunters Antiques & Consignment, which was preparing for it's big grand opening the next day.  There was a beautiful desk that I knew my brother would like. It was priced more than what he would typically spend on an unplanned purchase, but I knew it was right up his alley so I texted him a picture on a whim.  By the time he'd texted me back to ask if they'd negotiate, I was already on my way back home.  I tried calling and emailing but got no answer.  We figured it just wasn't meant to be.   When I told him I was going to be near there he told me to check on the desk because, and I quote, "I need it in my life."  I was pleasantly surprised not only to find that it was still there, but the price had been dropped to what he'd originally wanted to offer.  Destiny, people.  Destiny.

I also got this pair of mid-century chairs for him at the first store for only $60.

These are the chairs I got for myself at City Limits. For now they're parked at my dining table and I actually really like how they look.  I'm still on the hunt for upholstered dining chairs, but I think these would make a great addition flanked on each end.  I'm excited to find a fun fabric to recover the seats, but I like the wood finish so I'm happy not to have to refinish it.  And it was only $20 for the pair!

Obviously, I love furniture shopping for myself, but there is something really special about finding a piece for someone else.  And my brother is even more particular than I am, so this really feels like a small victory!

Have you had good craigslist finds/failures?  Or stumbled upon an unassuming store that turned out to be a treasure trove?


  1. You are the antiques/consignment furniture whisperer. Ridiculous!

    It'd prob be worth the investment to fly you out here when we decide to buy our next couch :)

    1. It most definitely would be! I'll even give you guys the family discount for my services.