Saturday, January 5, 2013

Hello, my name is Robin and I’m obsessed with all things house + home

As far back as I can remember I’ve always been fascinated by pretty buildings and pretty interiors.  I love anything having to do with either, and wherever I’d go, even just on short trips around town, I would stare and marvel at beautiful buildings I’d pass.  I loved at night when you could see in the windows to get a glimpse of the inside (don’t lie, you love it, too).  And while other kids were playing video games, I was dreaming up floor plans on one of several home design computer programs (seriously).  

I have a long and ever-growing list of house+home blogs bookmarked that I check on a weekly basis.  Some are diy, some are more luxurious by professional designers, but I love reading about and seeing the transformations and amazing spaces.  I love how a little pattern here or there or a new lampshade can totally transform a space.  John and Sherry’s younghouselove was the first one I found and really got into, and from there I would blog hop from links on each site to lots of other interesting sites and it’s given me a great variety to view each week.  If we’re being totally honest here, younghouselove is actually one of the daily stops in my internet routine.  I love the tone of their writing, like they’re just having a conversation with each reader like they would if it was in person.  I really love the projects they do and how approachable they make everything seem (although I don’t think I’m ready to build a deck quite yet).  And of course I love hearing about Clara and Burger, too.

I’m not aiming to go pro and I can’t guarantee that this will be an interesting or entertaining read to anyone but myself (although I hope it is!) but I wanted to create my own little space where I can share things that I find interesting or just pretty, awesome things I find for my own home, or even when I decide to take on a diy project.  And my fluffy cat Milo may or may not make an appearance from time to time as well.

awesome handmade robin courtesy of my talented sister

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